Saturday, November 3, 2007

Art Donations

I have donated the following paintings:"Blue Vase" and "Mermaid" to the Big Deal Auction. The Auction is on November 10. For more details visit their websites at:

Blue Vase by Sara Kahn
Mermaid by Sara Kahn

I also donated a painting we bought a number of years ago. The painting is a landscape painted by Jin_Chin Wu.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Open Studios 2007

This year I shared the Gatehouse,Fort Mason with six other artists:

Vera Costa

Sidnea D'Amico

Pauline Crowther Scott

Marta Fuentealba

Mirto Golino

Terry Guyer

All the visitors thought it was such a great mix of art. Gatehouse has a setting that makes it look warm, inviting and cozy, great light and location adds to it's charm.

Here some pictures from inside the Gatehouse and the art:

From right to left: Vera Costa, Pauline Crowther Scott, Terry Guyer, Sara Kahn, Sidnea D'Amico, Mirto Golino

Vera Costa's artwork

Sara Kahn and the winner of the raffled art: Tessa Melvin